We Invest in Digital Assets to Buy Physical Assets

Benefit from the Coming Trillion Dollar Transfer of Wealth by Investing in yourself first to become DEFI fundable.

Get your application package for funding to access private deals all year. Qualified applicants can receive $100,000 up to $1,200,000+ in grants and other types of new age funding through DEFI & WEB3 protocols.

Over $10.3 Billion Available!

This money has to be given away!

Credit is not a considered limitation, yet there is a process of determination for qualified projects to fund.
(Limited Applications per region.)
"Digital Estate Brokerage Club"

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  I didn't know much about DEFI funding and still don't. I also don't know how banks work either... What I do know is after I got my application package, I followed the steps and got $300k for my self to fund my dreams... Its over 10 billion dollars available and keeps going up!!!! Get yours is all I can say..

Marissa Harte'

Art Gallery Owner

When I got my first of 5 deposits I was in disbelief that my bank account could hold so much, lol. Definitely need to get the NFTInvestors application package first so you get going in the right direction....A regular bank account won't do it! Thanks. This is life changing!!!!!

Jeremy Calapari

Self Employed

Package and Application Benefits

Becoming a Web3 Entity is Crucial to Blockchain Futures.

Instead of becoming an LLC only and depending on building credit, this is the disruptive alternative you have been searching for.

You have a choice now on how to get funded without centralized banking. You just need to know how to get it so you can position yourself financially strong in the world we currently live in.

  • Web3 / DEFI Transition Manual (Included)

    The quick read manual to help you better understand and also transition yourself or your company into a fundable entity without using credit.

  • Apply Now for Funding

    Download the application package to apply for DEFI funding through our access networks and be qualified for up to $1,200,000 in grants and project funds.

Video on DEFI

DEFI for Beginners

1.Watch the video below if you need a little more insight.

2.This is why there is so much money available and easier to get than at a traditional bank. 3.

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NFT Investors application package is for educational purposes to use methods and actual links to funding entities that have worked for our clients and colleagues in various industries, in various ways. Results may vary from individual to individual. Not financial advice or legal advice as we are investors, not lawyers.